cats story

HistoryThe year 3020 came to the planet G-319.oz after the discovery in the year 3000 by chief engineer Vi Catosi of a new technology called "ASTRA MILKEPHIR".

The "ASTRA MILKEPHIR" technology made it possible to increase the area of the planet by quantum splitting the cryptomolecule and converting it into a substance identical to soil; in addition, "ASTRA MILKEPHIR" can change the size of the area by 3.14159. After 10 years of ASTRA MILKEPHIR's existence, Vi Katoshi became the CEO of Cats Corporation. He knew he was be ing watched by the Wu-Cats clan who were interested in destroying this technology. Wee Catosi left a memo with a plan to his followers who could create a new corporation and bring this technology into society. They became 10,000

cats story

Katosi Zero, who work for the corporation and mine cryptomoloko in mines beneath the city. A week after the recording, Wee Katosi disappears, and with him the ASTRA MILKEPHIR artifact disappears, and the company comes under the control of the Wu-Kats Clan.

They impose a curfew on the streets of the city, where police patrol, after a while the Wu-Kats Clan hires mercenaries to search for the artifact and followers of Wee Katoshi. As you embark on the warpath for a free universe, you begin with a slum. You'll have the unique opportunity to create Catovers with other followers, and you can also attract even more players. Find the artifact first to become the head of the Cat Corporation.


Catverse is an alternate universe where only cats live. This world is ruled by great corporate directors. You will start on the planet N of Crapsy Brook where the greatest corporation on the planet owns 89% of the planet. You can be anything you want to be and succeed in any profession such as Janitor, office worker, Oriver, Manager, Detective or Killer is not all of the professions we have. Go to discord or subscribe to social media where you will learn a lot of knife like that without spamming


Here you will be able to create, play, collect and earn money together with your cats.

We are creating a unique free space where every owner will get free space to place their collections or create their own virtual corner. We have a storyline where you can make your cat even more unique, earn, get unique gifts


Phase 1
Pre-sale 2D avatar.
Phase 2
Sales of 10%. We feed our cats! And we hold a 2D animation raffle.
Phase 3
30% of sales. We launch a 2D indie game that tells a more detailed backstory of the 3D meta-universe.
Phase 4
50% of sales. We make Merch goods for you and your pets! We are raffling off 5 units in the community.
Phase 5
60% of sales. Beginning the development of a 3d meta-universe.
Phase 6
70% Create a collection with 3D avatars on OpenSea with the ability to use them in multiple meta universes with resale on Whitelist. Hold a raffle for three characters in the community.
Phase 7
90% sales. We create a DAO community, discuss and implement ideas for the meta-universe.
Phase 8
100% Start building a collection with 3D avatars on OpenSea with the ability to use them in multiple meta universes with resale on Whitelist. Hold a raffle of three characters in the community


A Cats Corp community member who owns 5+ NFTs will be able to vote for ideas using the "Governance" section of our website. 5 percent of the funds raised will be transferred to a multi-signature community wallet and given to the community to manage through Governance.


Learn more about Cats Corporation, talk to the team, other community members, and have your say in shaping the future of the Cats Corporation ecosystem.


We are 7 Cats friends. We work remotely for Cats Corporation (thanks COVID), and Discord is our main collaboration program. It's going to get even more fun from here on out!

🚀 BRo
Make sure everyone is plowing and not slacking.
☘️ Kady
Often it is meditating in the imaginary space that directs it.
😼 Dr.Joi
The coach solves any problems of the team, never gets steamed up.
🌯 Mike
Loves cat shawarma, always has valerian in his stash
🗿 Clark
Can turn 2D objects into 3D objects. Hides the mustache under the mask.
😿 Chris
While painting, cats cry and howl in pleasure.
🚀 Li
His eye twitches so fast that he does great dynamic scenes.
☝️ Tomas
Always interested in other people's work and knows what's best.


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